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The Landing is Celebrate Recovery’s student ministry geared towards Junior High and High School age students. This curriculum is designed to mirror the same material as the adult Celebrate Recovery curriculum, only packaged for students. The Landing meets each Friday from 7 PM to 8:45 PM, starting with the adults in the Children's Building and then transferring to the Student Building of Grace Community Church.


The Landing exists to provide a safe place for our students to process life and the struggles that accompany it, provide tools to help them live emotionally and spiritually healthy lives, and point them towards the freedom found in Jesus Christ.


A typical night in the Landing will consist of:


  1. Worship: The evening begins with a time of worship with the adult Celebrate Recovery ministry. This gives our students an opportunity to connect with and rest in God before transitioning to the Student Building for the rest of the program.

  2. Connect Time: This time serves to create a connection between our students and leaders and build friendships. This normally involves some sort of game or activity. 

  3. Teaching Time: Our Landing leaders present biblical truths and recovery principles to our students in a way that they engage with, participate in, and apply to their lives.

  4. Small Group: The Landing uses the same five Small Group Guidelines that adult Celebrate Recovery uses in Open Share small groups and walks through a series of questions that pertain to that night’s teaching time. Small Group gives our students a time to process and personalize the recovery principles that they are learning.

  5. Fellowship Time: This time serves as a place for students and leaders to connect, build relationships, and continue processing the lesson after the service.


Through the Landing, our students can find a safe place to find help, hope, and healing through engaging the recovery principles and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, this ministry can help students learn how to break cycles of dysfunction and provide tools for them to live free and healthy lives. 

The Landing: Celebrate Recovery for Students is directed by John Donahue (575.317.8210) with the assistance of Meghan Turner.


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